Special Ops Wife – 32

Then came the news,  always expected, always feared.  Glen had been seriously injured.  He had been returned to America and placed into a hospital a thousand miles away.

Shirley didn’t  travel to see him;  claim finances, claim whatever, but she could not imagine going all that way, paying money she didn’t have,  to stay in some motel then having to return for work.

She phoned the hospital,  told  his injuries were serious but not life threatening.  

Speaking with her sister and brother in law, they convinced her remaining here was the ‘right’ thing to do.  After all, she had a child to look after.

Of course, that was an absolute lie.  Shirley didn’t look after her child, her sister and brother in law did. But it was nicer than saying she didn’t have the money or interest to put her life on hold, maybe lose her job, to stand by Glen’s bedside.


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Written by jaylar

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