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Special Ops Wife – 29

The truth was not all that discordant.   Glen would be deployed in three days so wanted some time with his wife.

Shirley was happy to separate Glen from the baby because she just didn’t trust him.  

Being alone with her husband was pleasant.   Further, Zac was absolutely in the best situation with Olive and Zander.    They would focus everything on him.

Having been married for over ten years, unable to have children, for Zander and Olive, Zac was a gift to them.

He wasn’t a foster child or adoptee, he shared Olive’s blood.  To raise a baby, this baby, was more than they had ever imagined.

The involvement of Glen was repugnant to them but he was the child’s father. He did have rights.

Not knowing what the future held, Olive and Zander felt that they would have to ‘wean’ themselves from Zac to some extent, for in a few years he might be gone, living with his parents.

And they would be bereft. 


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Written by jaylar

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