Special Ops Wife – 28

Shirley returned to her work city.  After the first day Glen rang her, talking romantic. His Daddy Days were running second to his Lover Ones.   

She told him, “I’ll call Olive, bet she’ll be right over, and I’ll have the beer on ice.”

“Sounds like a dream,” he replied.

Shirley was ecstatic for two reasons;  first, she’d have her husband and second, she wouldn’t have to worry about Zac.

As the call with Glen ended she called her sister, Olive, to tell her that Glen wanted to be with her. That’s all she needed to say.

Olive felt as if she’d been given a great gift and she and Zander ran to their room, packed, booked out and  raced to the flat where Shirley, Glen and Zac lived.

Olive was all smiles as she hit the door.   Glen had packed and was waiting.  She smiled, took Zac and ran out as Glen locked up the flat.


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Written by jaylar

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