Special Ops Wife – 23

Shirley and Glen returned to the city where they lived on Sunday night.   Olive, who had been minding Zac during their absence,  arrived with him just after 9 am Monday.  The day went well, as did Tuesday.

Although a bit worried, Shirley left Zac with Glen when she returned to the city where she worked on Tuesday night.  She left Zac alone with his father; call it ‘bonding time.’

She loved being alone.  

There was a kind of joy in not having to consider anyone else in her plans.  

She went to work, enjoyed it, went out to eat with friends, then returned to the guest house where she was staying.   Glen called her saying everything was fine, he was bonding with Zac.

After speaking with him, she called Olive who told her that Glen didn’t want her there unless he called her.  As Shirley and Olive had discussed Glen’s ‘condition’ there was no surprise or dislocation.

Then Olive said that she and her husband would be going away for the week.  As they had no reason to stay.

Shirley wondered if leaving Glen alone with his son might not be the safest choice.


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