Special Ops Wife – 16

Shirley watched Glen carefully as he prowled from window to window; then he saw her.  


“I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have my sister take Zac to the park so we can have some alone time?”

“Look, I know.  I know he’s my son, I want to love him, but I’m not ready right now.”

“That’s fine…” Shirley replied with a smile as she put Zac in his bed. She went to her room, called her sister, trying to keep her voice calm.

Olive knew something was wrong and said she’d be there in fifteen minutes.

Shirley did a two minute shower, pulled on her clothes.

She went into the kitchen to make breakfast for Glen who had returned to the bedroom.  She heard her sister’s car, was at the door, “Move fast!” she stage whispered.

Olive grabbed Zac and was gone.


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Written by jaylar

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