Special Ops Wife – 12

For some lucky reason Glen called saying he’d be back on a particular day.

Shirley told her supervisor.   It was organsized the she would work through Monday and Tuesday, then return home, and stay until the following Wednesday.   Shirley promised to make up the three days during the next six months.

Shirley felt tense as she waited for Glen.   She insured the flat was as it had been before he left.

When Glen entered she was there with Zac, no one else.

He seemed crushed and tired and wanted to go to bed with her.  That the baby would need to be changed and fed was not going to be mentioned, for Shirley felt a little afraid of Glen.

She didn’t know much about Post Traumatic Stress, about what he did as a soldier.  But she knew, she did not want any more children.

She had gotten a birth control injection just before Glen returned.  She didn’t know how Glen would feel if he saw her with pills.

As she played the loving passionate wife she felt this need in Glen that scared her.


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Written by jaylar

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