Song Saturday Do You remember Phil Collings

I often remember songs like this!

Phil Collins was the drummer for the band Genisys. The original lead singer of the band of Peter Gabriel but he went off for a solo career.

So did Phil. But first, he was the lead singer of Genisys!

Then Phil split time, solo artist and lead singer of Genisys.

His voice is distinctive and his songs are often deeply moving.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I know him well and I like many of his songs. I remember my dear mom was not at all partial to his song Susudio. You see in Latvian the word for sh—t is sudi. So when mom heard this song she imagined hearing that word over and over again. lol Mom loved a lot of songs I liked this one just rubbed her the wrong way and when I hear it today I have to laugh when I think of mom rolling her eyes.
    In other terms we listen to this song and susudio does not mean anything specific to us but mom would hear sudi ir which in translation would be sh—t happens Get it?

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