Soap Opera – 2

Paula never felt she was acting.  When she stood on the set she was Freddie, with Freddie memories and ideas.  .  

 Paula was  much like Freddie, it was just being herself with a different name in a different place.  As most of the dialogue and actions were what she would do there was little sense of acting.

In fact, Paula felt she really wasn’t an actress.

Oddly, on that award winning Soap, Paula  was the only one to have lasted thirty years.

Some Actors may have done five, ten years, even fifteen years  but most who appeared on the Soap Opera would finish their  contracts and leave.    

Leave because to them, a Soap Opera was like standing on a line to get into a venue.  As they reached the front of the line in their minds, they entered the venue and left the line;  left the Soap Opera as if hundreds of opportunities awaited.


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