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Snail Velocity ~ 365 Photos Challenge #9

I do not mean to explain how many miles/hour the speed of a snail on this post. What I’m trying to say is a kid’s scolding to a friend a few days ago. “Uh… Come on… you’re so slow… you’re like a snail, you know?”.

Sounds normal, doesn’t it? But after pondering, I think there is something interesting from the parable. Anyone acknowledges that snails are very slow indeed, but that is because we compare them with ourselves, or at least with other creatures.

I just want to take a small motivation from this parable. Let’s just compare our speed, right now with our speed yesterday. The velocity I meant is certainly in the broad context that you also understand because for those who are getting older (like me) our speed will slow down, our steps shortened, the finish line becomes more visible. So for us who have aged, the size is how mature and wise we understand life and live the rest of life. For those of you who are at age with full of capacity, how do you respond to your speed?

Let’s move, enthusiastically, your soul wants to finish its mission!

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26Β . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


What do you think?

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  1. Interesting subject for this challenge…For me, I stopped checking my standard bar and just live the life moment to moment – it is less stressful that way and keeps me happier and saner. Lol! So, which is faster, the turtle or the snail? I am always compared to the turtle in terms of speed.

  2. We have several tortoises in our garden, and the other day I saw one had a snail attached limpet-like to its shell. As we feed the tortoises lettuce, and they help themselves to dog and cat pellets, perhaps the snail benefited more than just getting a free ride, but a free meal as well!

  3. We used to tell a joke as kids. Q: What does the snail say when he is getting a ride on the turtle’s back? A: “Weeeee, feel the wind!!” This is a great shot Albert, and a great reflection of life.

    • Aha! 30 it peak of fitness and that’s good for you, Elenka. I feel like 17 and am fall in love with the woman in the next room. By the way, She is a little younger than you, November 10th ago she blew out her 58th birthday cake candle. Thanks a lot for your 30’s spirit that flows here…

  4. Well I do a charity walk every year for the troops, but I only do a 3 mile walk. I want to do the 6 mile one year soon. That is about as active as I get lol. I do exercise at the YMCA so that keeps me active.

  5. I try to stay as active as possible. I hit road bumps like the rest of us, am kicked down, but I get back up and keep going. Yes my speed is slowing but that’s ok. Less stress when you slow down just a bit. Great post and something to think about.

  6. Interesting thoughts with this amazing little creature. It is wise to be good stewards of our bodies throughout life so that in later years we can continue with the habits we developed early on. I am thankful to know that for any who trust God according to His Word He says, “Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you,” Isaiah 46:4.

    • You’re right, Kim. Staying active is our way to maintain the speed and flexibility of the muscles. It’s just that I also realize that wrinkles and gray hair on the head have become loyal friends now. If in the past our body smelled of perfume, now it smells more balm. If I before can run the sprint 25 seconds for 100m, now 100 seconds for 25 m.

      • lol, wrinkles come with the fun it took us to get them. grins… Balm isn’t considered perfume? ah heck.. I bet they have nice scented stuff out there, and I had to laugh when I got to the last one. I was once a very fast swimmer, now it does take longer to reach point a to point b. lol

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