Smart Man – 58

Kushi had  amassed an army of her people, at her mother’s house to chase Paul away.

He had pulled up before the house he’d helped Kushi’s mother buy, gotten out of his car, when suddenly there was an ‘army’ of Indians all shouting at him.

Paul couldn’t understand what was happening,  why they were there, what they were shouting.  Then, they began  throwing things.  Paul  couldn’t believe what was happening.  It must be a kind of joke some cultural practice from India… but it wasn’t.

This was an angry mob, advancing.  

Paul jumped into his car to take shelter as the stones rained down, cracking his windows.   Terrified, he drove off.  He was so shaken that after a mile, he had to pull in a lay bye and collect himself.

What had happened?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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