Smart Man – 51

Kushi,  had  been planning for the divorce as soon as she married Paul.   The whole plan was for  her to become a citizen, get her mother and brother citizenship, then get rid  of Paul.

She  decided to exploit him a bit more by having  him help her become a real estate agent.  

 Although she already had a job, she could take on more,  so  could stockpile her own money.  

During the scant free time she had, Kushi visited the house that  was  in the name of herself and Paul.  As far as Paul knew she had a few friends watching it.   In truth, she rented two rooms, and two rooms alone to people she knew, and would make periodic checks to insure they stayed out of her section.   

Kushi visited her mother’s house and often remained overnight with her daughter Priya.  Paul didn’t like being alone, but understood how close families behave.  

Kushi had a filthy way of speaking so would tell Paul how she couldn’t spend more than two nights because she needed sex from him.   

Their lives went on in this fashion.   There was no dissension, no changes, everything was as it was.  


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Written by jaylar

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