Smart Man – 45

One day, the phone rang. It was Paul’s father. He had come to town and wanted to meet with Paul.  Paul refused to see him.  It became his big boast;  how his father drove a thousand miles to see him, and he refused.

Kushi and her family discussed this, saying many things about Paul which were quite unpleasant.

As bad as this was, a few days later, Paul’s mother called, and he cut her short.  Then,  bragged to his wife that all he needed was her and her family,

He actually took  pleasure out of refusing to see his father, and cutting his mother’s call.

He proclaimed how much he hated his father, and blamed his mother for ‘abandoning’ him with Grandma.

Although he’d bark about what a Great Mother Grandma was, he would also complain about all the places he didn’ t go, all the things he didn’t have, suggesting  Grandma was not the Great Mother he proclaimed.

Kushi never said anything to these diatribes.  To Him.

However, her family went to town on how stupid and disrespectful Paul was.   If they had any qualms about ripping him off, it was fully justified.


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Written by jaylar

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