Smart Man – 20

Paul’s  aunt paid for his ticket.  He took everything from the house that could fit  in his car, and drove to the airport.  Paul  boarded his flight.

A grown man, a man would thought he was in charge, had to depend on his Aunt to book him a flight, pay for his ticket.

When he reached New York,  his Aunt collected him, and it was she who told him to call his boss, and inform him of the emergency.  Although Paul tried to argue, his Aunt insisted, so he called his Boss and told him why he wasn’t at work.

Paul’s Aunt  took him to the hospital.  His grandmother was completely out of it. He couldn’t look at her. Everything in his life was falling apart.    His marriage,  his Grandmother,  no where to live.

He started to cry.

His Aunt tried to comfort him.   He began to babble about his marriage, having nowhere to live.

His Aunt  couldn’t understand how this all happened, from his ‘secret marriage’, to the moving out of Grandma’s  house.

Making it worse, she said,  “If you were living there, she couldn’t have sold the sold the house.”

Paul felt so stupid and cried the more.


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Written by jaylar

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