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When I first came it was like riding a time machine.    As I adapted to life here two things happened.  

The first is that the daughter of the ‘Bishop’  called me, ‘needing’ me.   The second is that the money hungry Bishop  wanted to stick me with bills.

In these Make It Up As You Go Along scams called ‘Churches’  in Jamaica, the loud mouthed preacher knows nothing.   S/he is in it for the money and preys upon stupid people.

The female members of the congregation confuse Menopause with Salvation and after living a filthy life,  feel they can somehow get absolution from their sexual escapades,  their dishonesty,  the tricks and lies.

The male members are all around failures who will use the church as a reference.

I returned to town to learn that the daughter hates her own company and not being able to buy a companion wanted my physical presence.

Having rented a corridor in a tenement yard, (she who pretends to have been upper class) I was humiliated in having to share a bathroom with a family.

I decided to return to Behind the World to regain that spiritual peace I was able to grasp and set up a move for Thursday.

The daughter wanted Friday but we are on lock down.  I didn’t want to be with the daughter but had no choice.

She claimed if she wasn’t with me her mother would do various antics.

When we arrived the helpers were cleaning the flat.  They had expected me but were pretending not as they know how to deceive.

Mother and daughter kicked off and I was moved in, learning the water had been shut off to my section.

It was clear the Bishop had shut it off, thinking I would arrive alone and demanding payment for a light/water bill which was 7x greater what I should pay… and I had paid for water I hadn’t used before I had left to shut her up.

So the daughter had a bit of use, and the plumber came, turned the water back on, and later, the mother wanted me to pay the plumber, but I let mother and daughter enjoy their hatred of each other.

Hopefully,  they’ll continue their war, and I’ll be safe over here, watching the sea, the sunrise, the moon rise, the stars and the beauty.


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Written by jaylar

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