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Sharing is Caring Share-a-Thon: More Shares!

Early this morning I did some more reading here on Virily and came across a couple more articles that I loved and wanted to share.  I will note after each one where I shared these articles on social media.  

Read the original post on the Sharing is Caring Share-a-Thon and join in!  This is a way to help users here at Virily to get extra exposure, more hits and possibly bring in some new writers!  

Todays chosen articles for my sharing project are:

Wander project the Things we Collect by Doc Anderson.   This article was shared on Twitter.  

Grafted Fruit Trees by Alex Socorro.  This article was shared on Twitter.

Softer, Smother Skin is Yours With the Assistance From the Best Blackhead Remover Tool by michael.  This article was shared on Twitter.

Daydreams by Vanessa.  This article was also shared on Twitter.

That wraps up the morning shares.

Did you share articles today?  

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