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Shadow Decorating Construction Truck: Just for Fun

As I was looking through my files for some photos for Kim’s challenge for this month, I came across this one. I have been taking a series of pictures from a construction site in our town. Many tourist areas have a hotel row full of lodging places. Some cities with a courthouse have a lawyer row or two filled with law offices near the courthouse. This building under construction would be on medical row, since it’s very near our local hospital.

This is actually a reconstruction of a building that burned down over a year ago in Templeton, California. My original idea was that I’d take photos every time I was on this street for a medical appointment and blog  about the stages of construction when I finished. So far it’s not finished. They’ve been working on that roof for weeks.

What drew my attention as I looked through the files for shadows and silhouettes was the photo above. The shadow almost looks like someone painted a design on the truck. And the trees are like silhouettes in the late afternoon sun. The tree in the foreground is an olive tree.  I’m not sure  about the tree casting the shadow.

I have expanded the scene in this next photo.

I included this photo so you could see for yourself that it was a shadow on the truck, not a low hanging tree branch. Since I’m photographing from a different place and no longer using a zoom, the shadow has disappeared. You can now see the other trucks on the scene and the tiles  stacked on the roof of the building waiting  to be set in place.

If you have shadow or silhouette photos to share, be sure to check out Kim’s challenge.

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