Seeing Clearly – 9

Over the years Nina, who travelled often on studies, always built a bit of time  into her movements so as  to see her sons.  They never took an interest in her.

Nina might  spend a night, maybe two, even three with them at  her mother in law’s house, then leave.

As a standard habit, Nina asked her sons to live with her,  and they always refused.  

In this way she could tick the box marked ‘maternal interest’  and they could cross off their mother.

What had been a source of some surprise was that Nina  had believed they  lived with Sam and his new wife.   They didn’t.   They preferred their Grandmother.

Whenever Nina offered to take them home with her, they would refuse and claim Grandma was  a Great Mother.


 they would whine about  not having a birthday party or being taken to the zoo, as if it were Nina’s fault.

Nina who they didn’t want to live with.

This kind of double talk, praising their grandmother then whining about everything she hadn’t done for them  was standard for her sons.   


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Written by jaylar


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