Seeing Clearly – 4

Nina, unlike Sam, had the ability to ‘oversee’,  to step outside of herself and view without emotion.  When Sam married Nina she had not yet entered college.  She was working.   Over time she became pregnant.  When she had the baby, his mother would babysit and she could get back to work.

It was a nothing job,  and Nina had ambition.  

After the second child was born, Nina decided to attend college.  At the time,  they lived near his mother and Sam’s salary was sufficient.

Nina applied to a University some distance away and was accepted.  Sam was able to get  a job in that city, so moving was not a problem.

Nina would attend school, Sam would go to work, and the children would be in creche.

Things were alright then Sam lost his job.   At this point the marriage became rocky.   The idea of separating,  of sending the children to his mother for the time being was wise.


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