Secret Facility ~ 365 Photos Challenge #66

I’ve been keeping this secret for a long time. But now I’m tired, remembering that age cannot be deceived! But if I open this secret, please don’t pass it on to anyone.To be honest, I say, I am a superhero. The photo above is a picture of my base, a secret facility hidden and unknown to anyone.Currently, I am opening a secret job vacancy, anyone who feels interested to continue this noble humanitarian task can be a candidate. This is done openly, fairly and without a test.

Are you interested? Please come directly without the need to bring a cover letter, resume, and curriculum vitae. If your time is limited, you can make an appointment with me by telepathy. But please, don’t come by online, either through google, yahoo, facebook or other social media because this secret facility will be traceable and easy to find.

…but if you interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.

What do you think?

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