Secret Cyber Life – 9

Worf posted about a kid from High School, who, wanting to prove that student government was a joke, ran on the Bozo ticket.  He described how the kid had dressed as Bozo and was elected.

The words hit me as an electric shock and I had to move from the computer, quickly typing lol and brb.

As I moved to the Ladies room, I could see the images of my son, Scott, dressed as Bozo, going to school, being elected.

I recall how Scott made his making proclamations about the ‘joke’ of student government around the dinner table, all of us, laughing and adding little bits of ideas.

Worf had a lot of the ‘backstory’,  I knew I was corresponding with Jerry.   My nephew, Jerry.   For how many months had I carried on this friendship with my nephew?

I went over our past conversations, feeling almost as if I had committed incest.



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Written by Tall Awah

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