Scratch the Surface of the Issue

In politics, the people who have the power still neglect the real issue of their own homeland. Taking the credit without thinking about the impact of the ill-behavior is really out-of-hand. They continue to scratch the surface of the issue and ignore the possible effect on the local people. Leadership is being questioned and ignored the real issues. For them, they have the power to execute such directives to their subordinates.

If the leader wanted to change the government system, then he should change himself first. However, some of these leaders don’t change because of personal agendas. A big question, why the local people voted this leader? It is really a practice that cannot be explained. “Do the people need to be educated on the proper governance of the state?” The real truth prevails when a leader created wrongdoings and the local people continued to be blinded to the truth. The reason, they cannot accept voting the wrong leader.

The voted leaders seem so promising at first. However, the demon unleashed when they got the power to rule the country. “Are there any changes?” It is a status quo situation. Even the other countries are witnessing the impeccable behavior of a country’s leader. If these leaders wanted to change things up, the country’s need is to have the reformation of governance. With such an intervention, it takes years to attain such changes.

The main point under such leadership is scratching the surface of the issue and not penetrating the root cause of the problem. Politicians seem never changed their principles. They always have personal agendas and creating their own world with power. The local people cannot do anything because politics within politics are strong enough to materialize their personal intentions. “Is there any changes?” It doesn’t address the main responsibility of protecting its people. Thus, it protects personal interest with the wrong use of power.


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Written by Steven Gamboa


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