School Daze – Learning and Acing Your Exams – part 9

Education  is not just book learning.   However, that  is what  exams measure.    As the time approaches for exams,  put everything else on pause.

If you have various ‘duties’  for  clubs you belong to, step down and let someone else do it.   Set nothing to conflict with exam time.

The last two weeks before exams are exam alone.

During the school year, participate in everything, go everywhere, know everyone.  Let September to April be a potpourri of experiences;  but don’t ever neglect your studies.

If you can ‘catch up’, such as having an absolute blank day or two where it is study alone, then you can ‘cheat’ a little.   But just a little.

To put it simply, if you hit the library right after class, do whatever research you need, then get on your beat book while it is all fresh you will do far better than a gorging on a weekend or during Spring Break.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar