Scamming the Scammers – 5

The argument between Theresa and Joan went on for a hours. Theresa becoming more upset, Joan more aggressive.

Their voices were loud and threatening.  

Then, Joan began to twist it and bring it down, and move it to more of  a debate.

In a short time, Theresa and Joan seemed to be friends again.

Why Theresa didn’t call the police and have Joan flung out was due, no doubt, to her consumption of ganja.

Priya would have left the flat but it was raining heavily so she retreated to her room.

As she sat behind her locked door, she considered that it was  possible the argument was created to pull her in but it was also possible that Joan was trying to push Theresa over the edge.

Priya was convinced  Joan was not ever going to pay rent or her share of the bills.  She was going to live in this house free. In fact, she was going to capture it.


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Written by jaylar

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