Scamming the Scammer – 12

Gavin shared nothing with Ann.   She could have been a robot for all he cared.

Unlike real women with whom he’d have to share and relate to, he was lucky to meet a meaningless whack job as Ann who could distract herself with howling and bouncing and her twisted philosophies, leaving him blessedly on his own.

It was almost six month since he moved into Theresa’s house with Ann.   Without any discussion, he decided to quit his job, and see what happened.  He would, when things got tight, go back and live with his mother, leaving Ann on her own.

As she had no one and nothing, and he was good at ignoring her,  his life was peaceful.

Whether Theresa and Ann were laughing or shouting, whether they were friends or foes, he couldn’t care less.

He cared about  himself.  Only.


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Written by jaylar

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