Scamming the Scammer – 10

Ann was one of those ‘child of the universe’ types;  unwanted, unloved, compensating by shows of mock confidence as twisted ‘spirituality’.

Gavin, Ann’s so called boyfriend, supported her.  He paid the rent, and used her for cleaning services.  He did not have sex with her, consider her his ‘girlfriend’ or did she impinge on his consciousness.  

As Ann was the loud mouthed attention seeker, he always let her make rental arrangements.   Gavin had no contact with Theresa or Ian. He spent his time, when he wasn’t at work, locked into the room, on the Internet.

Ann believed he was a quiet introvert.  In truth he wanted nothing to do with Ann,  save have her cook, clean, wash and iron, and leave him out of her fantasy world.


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Written by jaylar

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