Scamming Scammers – 2

After a few months a room in the  part of the house that Teresa rented was vacant.  Subsequently, Teresa rented it to a decent woman, Priya.  

Joan, wanting to get control of that section of the house decided to rent the other room.   She would claim she came into money and could pay rent.   

Teresa  rented the room to Joan whose first  ‘project’ was to ‘paint’ it.   She did this to annoy Priya, hoping to chase her out and capture the whole side.

For a week Joan painted  the room, then waited to get her bed delivered.   Hence for nearly a month Joan paid for that room.

Then came the second partof Joan’s scheme;  the moving in.   Joan had a lot of stuff.  She filled the ‘shared’ living room and ‘shared’ kitchen with her junk so that the other tenant, Priya, lost all soverignity over those rooms


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Written by jaylar

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