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Saturday Song On the Sea Of Heartbreak

No matter what genre of music someone plays and sings what is important is that the lyrics make it worth listening to. JohnnyCash was one such singer that could write you a story you could listen to and then set it to music and you would enjoy just listening. This man had the talent to take you along on his journeys when he began to sing and when it got emotional you could feel what he was feeling. 

There are so many wonderful songs that Cash created and among them one that stands out for me is “Sea of Heartbreak”.Whenever I look back on my life and the heartbreaks I’ve had I can relate to what he is singing and at times even relate with a smile on my face. It tells me that Cash has the talent to be inspired and translate that inspiration onto paper in lyrics as any poet can. 

I believe the biggest compliment I ever got about one of my poems was when someone said to me in a comment just simply I can relate. I feel what you are expressing. I have been inspired by many of Cash’s songs and if the mood is just right I put on YouTube and let his guitar, his song and his singing take me away in memories.


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