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Saturday Song – I Still Miss Someone

Today I have another Johnny Cash song for you “I Still Miss Someone”. I think it is a nice sentimental song just right for a Saturday.  I was listening to my favorite list on YouTube and this song came on. Lately, my dreams have been really strange. It all seemed to start with going out for a walk and just seeing something that suddenly brought on a memory flashback of things that used to be.

The first night I dreamt about my late husband and he and I were somewhere. What were we doing? Selling fish and shellfish of all things. I do remember he used to like fishing and in the dream, he was explaining to me the difference between some fishes. OK, that was odd enough. Then I dreamt about an old friend of my mother’s who also used to be a teacher at my Latvian school which we had on Saturdays. She and some others were walking toward me coming out of a wetland area. Why in the world would she show up now and why do my dreams have to do with water of some kind and fish?

“I Still Miss Someone” was written by Johnny Cash and his nephew Roy Cash Jr. He recorded it in 1958.


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