Saturday Song – Dream a Little Dream of Me

On this gray day in the winter, I was reminded of an old, lovely and I should say, dreamy song. I was watching an old movie and they featured it. So I sat back and closed my eyes. What came to mind was a day with a brilliant blue sky and soft fluffy clouds floating by. Flowers blooming and birds singing and the world so peaceful. A day that could only come in the summertime when the winter is far behind. Each word and note sounded so good and made me smile. The song dates back from 1931 and was often played on the radio during WWII.

As much as the world has embraced modern music and rock and roll I still think the old songs shine. It has been recorded by many different artists but was a signature song for Kate Smith and that is the version I’m including here. However, if you like the song but are an oldies fan then I can also suggest another version that The Mamas and Papas recorded. So put on the music, close up the curtains and dream away all that ice and snow or if it does not snow where you live as it does not where I am if it is raining I hope the sun soon comes out again.


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