Salt Shaker – 6

As usual,  when Ethan faced this kind of quandary, he contacted his sister Corrie and they met her at a cafe.Ethan said;

“We had a date tonight.  I came to her house, I rang the bell,  she opened the door and blasted, “I can’t go out with you” and slammed the door.  I rang again, she opened the door, shouted; “Go away and Leave me Alone, My Grandmother just died,”  and slammed the door.”

Corrie sat a moment. as if replaying the event then replied;

“Ethan, this is a person who will never let you into her life.  You can decorate it, you can be a source of amusement, but she will keep you outside.”

Ethan didn’t understand.  Corrie looked at the salt shaker on the table.

“If you need salt, here it is.  If you don’t need salt, why even look at it?”

After a beat;  “When she needs salt, she’ll call you, when she doesn’t, you don’t exist.”


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Written by jaylar

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