Salt Shaker – 4

The first time Ethan wanted to ask a girl out he went to Corrie for advice.

She reminded him what happened when that sales guy tried to hard sell them.

“Just be breezy, easy, no pressure.   Talk to the girl like you’d talk to a stranger wearing the shirt of the team you support.  If she sours, cool.  No problem.  You never ‘hit’ on her, she’s just unfriendly, cross off.  But if she should toss back remarks  it will be just easy mates. Then, when it is just normal for you and her to sit together or walk together, ask her out.”

Ethan  did what she said then, did what Corrie said when he went to ask Shauna out.  Just easy, no pressure.  And it worked.

Ethan  saw Shauna at school on Monday.  They spoke easily and made plans to go out on Friday.

The days passed without stress. 

Then on Friday, when Ethan went to her house and rang the bell, she came to the door, and blasted, “I can’t go out with you!”  and slammed the door.

That was strange, for nothing had happened between the time they parted at about 4 pm and now, 6 pm.


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Written by jaylar

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