Salt Shaker – 22

The following day, Ethan and his folks went to the Lake as they usually did every year on the first of July.   Everyone in Ethan’s crew knew it, they’d grown up together and also had set pieces with their parents.

Ethan thought of calling Shauna and telling her, but didn’t.   After all, she hadn’t called him when she went off with her folks for spring break.

For two weeks he had fun, met different people, went boating, swimming, hiking, tightened his links with his family the usual two weeks at the lake.

When they returned to town,  Ethan went to the hang out.

Shauna showed up and he greeted her as if she meant no more to him than the others.  But, as the minutes passed he wanted to be with her, touch her, kiss her, and the need in him was bubbling strong.

He said something about it being a beautiful day, wanting to go out for a walk, and Shauna read it and went with him.

He talked easily about the vacation with his folks, where he went and what he did, and maybe to shut him up, Shauna kissed him.

She kissed him and all Ethan wanted to do was be with Shauna.


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Written by jaylar

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