Salt Shaker – 16

After about thirty more minutes of banter with his Crew, Ethan got up.   He glanced at Shauna.  He said nothing but his expression asked, “Ready to Go?”.

Shauna got up and followed him out.

He spoke about college, which one he was thinking of attending.  She  had made the same choice.

He walked her to her  corner, then without drama, turned and went off to his home, as if they were nothing but classmates.

He loved how calmly he was dealing with it.  But then, as he repeated to himself, she was seventeen.  In a few months, she’d be eighteen and mommy and daddy couldn’t put the leash around her neck.

When they were at college, then he would be fully in her life without barricades.

Ethan attributed the breaks in their relationship to her family, telling himself Shauna had no choice.


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Written by jaylar

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