Salt Shaker – 15

.Spring break was over, classes resumed.  At the end of that first day of school,  he sat in the Hang Out, deep in conversation with his crew.  From behind him, he heard;  “Hi Stranger!”  

Ethan made small turn of his head to  Shauna, who was behind him,  but continued his conversation.

He didn’t stop, jump up, show any excitement or surprise at Shauna’s appearance.  He could have just left her in Math class instead of not having seen her for the entire Spring Break.

As he continued his chat with his crew Shauna found a seat.  

Everyone was talking about school things.  She pushed in a few words to be part of it.

Ethan knew what she was trying to do;  she was trying to catch back his interest.  He was so proud of himself for playing the scene this way.  Acting as if her absence and sudden reappearance were unnoticed.


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Written by jaylar

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