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Salt Shaker – 14

When school reopened, Ethan’s intensive home study proved right.  

Sitting in class as the teachers,  revised he knew ‘everything’.   For the first time in his school life, he had really studied, really learned, and felt so right.

Ethan had no problems.  He didn’t worry about his relationship with Shauna.  He had already defined and explained  her absence to himself, concluding that her parents were trying to break them up so carted her away and taken her cell phone.

Ethan had no evidence of any of this but believed it fervently.  

As he belonged to a large crowd of kids he’d known forever, there was no empty space.   If he wanted company to a movie or a dance, he’d go down the list.

He’d gone out with Lynn on Friday and Saturday nights after two full days of study.  He’d known Lynn since 1st grade and they were good friends.  


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Written by jaylar


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