Salt Shaker – 13

Ethan felt great.   He’d figured it out on his own.    Shauna’s parents didn’t want them seeing each other, so had taken her away for a week, figuring he would read it as rejection.

Well, they failed!

To fill the time of the Easter Break Ethan decided to study.  To turn the Break into pure study as if planned.

For the first in his life, Ethan actually studied.  He read his notes, read his texts, did what ever exercises he felt useful.

He decided he deserved a date Friday night, so rang a girl he’d known forever called Lynn.    They had a great time and they went out again on Saturday night.   It was just two friends.  Nothing romantic, just happy talk.

Not that Shauna wasn’t first in his mind and heart, but her not being here, well….

It was complicated.


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Written by jaylar

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