Salt Shaker – 12

Ethan kept going over it.  Why didn’t Shauna tell him she was going away for a week?  There had to be a reason, some good sensible reason.

He wanted to ask Corrie but knew what she’d say.   But she had to be wrong.

If Shauna didn’t want him in her life, why talk to him?  Why go on dates? Why let the relationship move into ‘X’ rated?

Ethan had never asked Shauna to explain her reaction that night when she slammed the door in his face.   Yes, her Grandmother had died so maybe she couldn’t deal with grief.   Made sense.

But to go away for a week with her parents and not tell him;   more than not tell him, let him make plans of where they would go….

Maybe her parents forced her.  Maybe they didn’t want her to see him.


Look at how sensible that it.  They learn that Ethan is seeing their daughter, they get angry, they take away her phone, bundle her into a car, drive away figuring that he’ll react to it by ending the relationship!



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Written by jaylar

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