Salt Shaker – 11

During the next weeks, months, Ethan saw Shauna as often as possible.   When Corrie called to invite him to a match he declined because he had a date with Shauna.

Corrie didn’t say anything, but he knew exactly what she was thinking.

As the days moved towards Spring Break Ethan and Shauna made a lot of plans.

The first was to meet at the amusement park at ten. He was there, waiting. He rang her at ten thirty.   She  didn’t answer her phone.  When Ethan went to her house, the car was gone, the house locked up.  He went next door and asked and was told that Shauna and her family went on vacation for the week.

Why hadn’t Shauna told him?

Why had Shauna behaved as if she would be available when she knew she was going away?

He wanted to talk to someone, and began to walk to Corrie’s house, but knew what she would say.  He stopped, went to the hang out, but no one was there.  

So he went home.


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Written by jaylar

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