Salt Shaker – 10

Ethan kissed Shauna.  He kissed her and she kissed him back.  It felt right.  It felt real and true and washed away the doubts, the questions.

They kissed again and again, and then, with their arms around each other talking about all sorts of happy things, he walked her home.

They didn’t reach her corner until past eleven, and she told him she’d see him tomorrow at the hang out, gave him a quick kiss and went to her door.  He watched until she went in, then went home feeling happy.

He dismissed her outburst of that long ago Friday evening,  and erased it from his thoughts.  

He thought about tomorrow, seeing Shauna tomorrow, being with her, and he felt so happy he could sing.

But he had reached his door and didn’t want to wake anyone, so went in, to his room, lay down and thought about today.  Thought about tonight,   thought about Shauna.


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Written by jaylar

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