Running – Jayne – 5

As Carol Elder  she applied for positions in other states and took one that was far away.  She lied when she left, claiming she was going to State A  when it was really State B.

This was  just in case, somehow, George the Monster  followed.

Jayne had, during the time here, changed her hair colour and style. 

 She would arrive  at her destination  as she was, and then change again.   

Jayne had  made no contact with anyone.    She assumed her mother in law had everything under control, and evil George was searching for her.

In State B  Jayne took up the job  rented a flat and lived her Carol life.  Months passed and she was feeling whole.  She was dating, she was happy and wouldn’t think about George or the children.

She wouldn’t think about anything but here and now.

But being in one place, virtually alone, would make her wake at night, thinking every noise was the vicious violent George.

So, she again sent out her resumes, took a job in State D and told everyone she was going to State C.


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Written by jaylar

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