Running Away – 2

Errol jumped on his motorcycle and rode.   He stayed easy and cool  until he got out of town, then sped up, getting on the highway.    He rode until he found a cheap motel.

They asked him for I.D. and he passed over a licence he had gotten in another name.  He and all the guys had fake I.D.s so they could drink a year early, and he’d kept up his character when he’d meet women…..

Errol spent the night and the morning, and checked  on time.  He got back on the road, stopped at a gas station where he saw a “Help Wanted” sign.  

He applied.

Errol lied about experience ,but  he was good at lying.

He didn’t expect to be here long, and why would anyone check the antecedents of a guy pumping gas?

He knew he could be tracked by his motorcycle’s licence so thought of the various ways he could change it.


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Written by jaylar

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