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Researching for Different Projects

Tuesday, 11.19.19

Yesterday, I watched a Psycho marathon on the indie channel. It was the old Psycho in black and white, Psycho ll in black and white, Psycho 3 and Psycho 4 in color, and the remake of the original Psycho in color. 

I am mostly doing research on internet this week. I am working on different projects. My 3rd novel needs research because I still have writer’s block. So, I just jotted down some ideas as I meditated. I called Cox about my internet lag, and they also noticed my internet seemed too slow. So, the guy said he will send me a new modem, but I will need to send them my old one in exchange. I am currently waiting for the new one to arrive. I still need to install the Corel Draw software and Painter Essential 6 software I recently bought from Best Buy, but the lag and weak internet connection is created problems and errors. 


What do you think?


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    • my new modem came today. it is high speed, and it is moving fast now. i hope this is permament. i was able to install my new Corel Draw Home Suite 2019 and Painter Essentials 6, and it installed fast. . now, i need to learn the programs so i can do stuff on it. i am used to working on adobe illustrator and photoshop, although i used to have corel draw long time ago when i also had aldus pagemaker.

      check the internet speed by typing “Speed Test in the browser. my speed is high now. it used to be very long…

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