Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – recap of Part 1 (2)

Part One – recap 2

Amid all the quotes, the most significant is; “who controls the present controls the past, who controls the past controls the future.”

This is not a slogan, jargon, or a clever toss away, it is an Epiphany.

It clarifies the importance of History belonging to the Victor.  For the past is not forgotten or discarded, the past is used to project the future.

By changing the past, controlling the present,  creates a population willing to accept the lies those in power require.   There is no objection; “But last year I got more chocolate…”   because records are altered to make it official that one got less last year.

Accepting what one is told; discarding reality;  i.e. the famous;  “three times as many people as Obama” when the photographs clearly showed he had 3x less,  the ‘Alternate Facts’ confirm the 1984 warnings have come true.

In today’s world, despite the ability of people to find various sources to gain information, they lock themselves into whatever Big Brother decrees.  


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