Regaining Himself – 15

Arthur had watched the “performances”  from the sidelines.  

His beloved Donna had dumped him for Devon, and now Devon was dumping her for Sylvia.

Arthur liked Sylvia.  She was mature,  focused on the job, and working with her was a pleasure.  Of course, he never thought for a half second she saw him as more than a co-worker so never  embarrassed himself to think he was in her league.

Business-wise they made a good team.

Arthur saw Devon’s interest; also Sylvia’s  attraction to Devon.    When Devon dumped Donna for Sylvia the only person surprised might have been Donna.

Arthur had felt so stupid, so pathetic, but fortunately, had never asked Donna to marry him.   From a distance, their ‘relationship’  would seem a ‘hook up.’

To put words to the feelings happened at lunch.  Arthur was sitting near Devon when  Simon came up and  asked;  “You don’t mind if I try my luck with Donna?”

“You don’t need luck, she’s got a welcome mat by her bed.”

They laughed.

Arthur felt a pang of anger, of pain, of a need to ‘defend’ Donna, but that was replaced by the awareness that Donna was the ‘hook up’.   He had just been one of many caught on the hook.  


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Written by jaylar

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