Regaining Himself – 14

For Devon, Donna was the kind of hook up a man hangs onto until he meets a decent woman.  He’d dealt with dozens of ‘Donna’  types over the years.

Unfortunately for Donna,  only a month after their hook up, Sylvia came to work.  

She was beautiful, bright, intelligent, and real.   As Devon saw her, he was in pursuit instantly.

It didn’t take a full day for Donna to see Devon’s focus, and she   asked;  “Should I be jealous?” 

Devon laughed at her.   

He couldn’t care less about Donna’s feelings.

After two days, with Devon’s disinterest obvious, she confronted him.

Devon replied;   “Babes, we were just a hook up, nothing serious.  You know that…”


Donna didn’t know that.

Donna didn’t know that her beloved Devon saw her as a bed warmer.

Nothing more.


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Written by jaylar

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