Regaining Himself – 12

Donna and Arthur were a couple.

He was in love with her, wanted to marry her.   He was thinking of the right time and place, when  Devon appeared.

Devon was handsome, sexy, clever.  He put his eyes on Donna the second he saw her.  

Unfortunately, for Arthur, Devon was the man of Donna’s dreams.  

Although Arthur went home with her on Tuesday,  she told him it was her time of month, so their relationship was on hold.  He accepted that, and beyond a brief coffee break during the week, he didn’t see her.  The weekend came and then, on  Monday he got the shock of his life.  

Suddenly,  Donna and Devon were together.  Arthur didn’t see how it happened.  

He had been unaware  they’d had side meetings at work and that she didn’t cool their relationship because of a calendar.

Nor that she hadn’t gone  to visit her family over the weekend but went away with Devon.


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Written by jaylar

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