Regaining HImself – 10

Donna made sure Arthur had a wonderful lunch and they returned a touch late to the office.

They made plans that this evening, Arthur would drive her home, they’d stop and get take aways, then watch a movie.

Arthur was entranced to the extent he didn’t second guess or question.

Had he more experience, more confidence, he’d be aware that Donna was one of those gals who is labelled ‘hook up’.  She was to be played with until someone decent came along, then dumped.

Arthur wouldn’t realise that Donna had  gotten drunk, took him home, took him to bed.  He would not appreciate she would have taken any man home.

If Arthur had more experience, he would realise  her reaction in the morning after the night before was shock at his identity and that he’d stayed the night.

Donna didn’t want a man to stay, she wanted fun and then for him to run.

But Arthur didn’t read the signs and symbols.  He accepted her explanations as if they were perfectly legitimate, without the slightest doubt.


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Written by jaylar

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