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Reflecting this Thursday about not having any reflection photos to share for Thursday's Reflections

But, I do have these to share with you.  My yard!

 I have been spending a lot more time in my tiny yard and with all the rain we’ve had my plants are very happy. 

#1 Luna seems to be reflecting

Notice the spots on the plants on the bottom? My son did that. He was spray painting a craft he has been working on, and dropped the can. It hit a sharp rock and exploded. Spraying this whole section with light sky blue! 

The vine behind Luna will bloom in the summer. It is a pretty hot pink. The ground cover is all over the yard. I keep it cleared away from the trees and plants but let it climb the fences. It has tiny blue flowers, that bloom year round here. 

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I have this pot of Crown of thorns sitting in front of some gladiolas that just came up behind it. I thought the two red colors would look good together, as they are exactly the same shade, and of course the tiny blue ground cover. I move my potted plants around the yard depending on what's blooming and the time of year. 

    • I have always hated grass. Probably left over from running the resort. Had to have pristine grass, ick. Weedeating, mowing was an endless task. There was three of us that took turns mowing. It would take three days and when we were done it was time to start again.

#3 Something new appeared just yesterday.

My hoya has buds!!! This covers half of my sliding glass door and canopies over head. I have my jasmine climbing up from the other side of the yard. They will mix together and create a cool canopy in time. 

#5 The first columbine flower is nearing it’s end.

Excuse the wolf hair on all of these. Meika sheds twice a year. It's called blowing the coat. Wolves in the wild will rub against trees, boulders and the ground to help this process. Meika gets brushed daily this time of year. And it is still everywhere. I also vacuum once a day! 

#6 The first bloom is on its way out, but I have many more now.

The backside.. 

#7 Closer and with a soft look.

The hair is more apparent. đŸ™‚ lol 

    • You will love it. The plant if you buy a plant, which I wouldnt. Just get seeds. Anyway, the individual plants live about three years here. Each of the blooms, when it is done, will have a little seed sack that is very easy to pick. Open it and 100’s of tiny seeds are in them. This is one of the ones I found out back of home depot in the trash years ago. Let me know if you cannot find any. I will mail some to you.


I love this color! 

    • It is. You have to be careful when seeds pop up. It looks like baby shamrock or those stickers, that also have the clover looking leaf. I have to wait until they get big enough to get to weed, or I get them confused.

#9 I love the shape of these blooms.

And if Doc asks, tell him this is blue, not purple! đŸ˜‰ 

#10 Meika says,

"Mom might complain about my locks, but at least I have fur, unlike Luna who is always cold!" 

I hope you enjoyed the flowers. Have a great day! 


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    • Yes they sure are. I have always had dogs and cats around me. These dogs do help keep the cats safe. We have real coyote problem here, and the dogs patrol the fence all night long, they have a doggy door. When I get up around 5, they come in and sleep until around 10. Then nap on and off all day. The dogs being next door would help if there was ever a shady character about. You can tell by the different barks when they feel threatened. They also help keep them away. A house with dogs in it are always passed up, even the houses next door are passed.

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