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Reeds Flower Dance ~ 365 Photos Challenge #80

Sitting in the middle of the reed grass, enjoying the evening breeze, right in the middle of the day and night, heard the greetings from many visible and invisible, talking together, without prejudice and praise but shows only the fullness of life as it is.

Reeds flower dance

the joy of nature in law obedience

winding in any wind blow


under the rain or the sun

viewed with hate

as undesirable wilderness

or as simplicity

who never complained

not anxious

even if tomorrow must be crushed

or burned.

Dear friends, point your camera, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.

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  1. My data signal prevented me from seeing the reeds so,I have to say —

    A wild flower
    Is like
    A stubborn soul
    Rain or shine
    It exists
    It survives
    It persists
    A valiant soldier
    That yields
    Wherever the wind
    Choose to blow
    East or west
    South or north
    Wild flower lives 😉😜


      • Hahahahaha! Unfortunately, while I fit in where qualities are concerned, I am, in no way, a wild flower. I was, in the past, called humanoid instead 😂😂😂. Apparently, being in the path infused empathy into my otherwise sleeping soul.


          • Carol Taylor and I normally have chit-chat like this over stuff I wrote in my WP blog. I told her when I die I plan – and I hope my dumb soul would remember it – to shoot straight up like an arrow to the light so that I will never come back this way again. So, no, I have no intention of applying for any job in the universe. I am only all for learning and sharing what I learn regardless if anyone is listening or not. I would like to believe that learning vulnerability and my current challenge are turning me into a human — altho this same challenge only showed my patience and tolerance with certain character traits I experience from other people still require more honing. I am a very open-minded soul but if I am faced with unreasonableness, selfishness, vindictiveness, etc., my temper could flare up fast and forceful. It is, as my “bestie” said, very scary 😂😂😂.


          • Respond how? With compassion? Or with patience and tolerance? 😂😂😂 That particular angel who turned my world upside down told me to slow down on sarcasm 😂😂😂. I am a take-it-or-leave-it case 😂😂😂



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