Rashid Talib apologies on profane comments of Impeachment Trump

Rashid Talib Says, I unconditionally apologies on what I have said about Trump, I never meant to say that words which is been circulated in the ,media and social media, I respect the core Value of the House of Representative and our ethics does not permit to comments and use such language, Let me clarify all that It was hate movement that some of my words goes live.

Talib added, I actually meant Impeachment not that the profane words but media and social ,media mistook my words and wrong direction. I personally have got no grudge with Mr Trump but at Policy level and Mexican Boundary well as well.

Rashid further says, Government shutdown is a worse step ever taken in the american history and Trump will have to pay for it at some point,  She blasted on Trump adviser for not directing him to meaningful talk with Senator on Mexican Wall conflict.

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